The tool library mend broken tools, usher in new life, and provide an avenue for dignified work for our tools. I’d like to talk about Chad. Chad is a folding chair.

Chad in high school was inseparable from his brothers and sister, three other chairs and one folding table. They were a matched set and their senior class elected the clique the most likely to end up in a bridge club. The group even started calling themselves the Bridge Club. Everything was going well for Chad until disaster struck.

It all happened in the Washington State Chair Formations semifinals. The team before the Bridge Club performed a quad-pyramid where the four chairs are the base of the pyramid and the table legs rest on all four-chair seats. This happened to be the exact same maneuver the Bridge Club was planning and they did it flawlessly.

Chad pushed his team to try a tri-pyramid where one leg of the pyramid climbs on top of the pyramid. The rest of the Bridge Club were hesitant – they knew the risks but Chad was insistent and pushed them so they reluctantly agreed to try this risky maneuver for the first time in competition.

The Bridge Club nailed the quad-pyramid and Chad left his leg spot and climbed on top of his sister Table. Chad lifted his head in triumph until the unthinkable happened and the pyramid collapsed. Chad walked away from the calamity uninjured but his brother chairs and sister table were not so lucky: all of them were hurt. His brother chairs had broken legs and his sister table’s back was broken.

In his grief and shame Chad didn’t have the heart to attend school anymore and he started to drift. He caught a slow train to Omaha and he spent a couple years drifting from one odd job to the next. He briefly found a steady job as a chair at a meeting for recovering heroine addicts.

Unfortunately, at the meeting Chad learned how to get high and where to buy drugs. The next couple years were a fog where he was willing to be a sat on anywhere by people doing anything just so long as he could get his next fix.

We first heard about Chad through rumors of an underground extreme fighting ring on Mercer Island. They had purchased a bunch of chairs on the down and out and were going to use them as props and break them on the stage for entertainment. The tool library investigated and I’m proud to say were able to rescue Chad and a half-dozen other chairs from certain destruction.

Chad has been clean for 6 months and has been mentoring the other chairs. We at the tool library are proud of Chad and all that he has accomplished.

Chad is looking for the opportunity to help host events. He has a particular interest in helping out with high school graduation parties. He wants to help others have the graduation he never did.