compostingIn addition to using a curbside food scrap recycling bin (see the Local Recycling Page [link] for more info), composting at home is a great way to recycle your food and yard waste, and to create your very own compost to use in your garden or houseplants.

Take a look at these great online resources for information on how to start composting today!

Seattle Tilth

this excellent Seattle-based organization is a wealth of information on composting methods. Check out their main composting website for a variety of great information from building a big 3-bin yard waste composting system to an off-the-shelf worm bin design that you can make from materials available at your local hardware store. A great resource for both home and apartment composting options.

Visit the Seattle Tilth website!

Basic Compost Bin

This website provides another view and some good photos of building a small plastic compost bin, which can be very useful in Capitol Hill’s apartment buildings! Keep this bin indoors or on your rooftop – it is good for a small apartment where just one or two people are using it.

King County’s Natural Yard Care Resources

King County’s Solid Waste Division website has a wealth of resources on composting at home. There are two places to look:

    (go to the quick-read resources section for a handful of one-page resources on composting!)