Have you heard about Freddie and how he changed his high school forever?

Freddie had a hard time in Food Dehydrated high school. While the other food dehydrators were into playing food ball and dressing in the latest athletics gear, Freddie loved to read poetry. You may of not heard of food ball before it is a the rage in food dehydrator circles. It consists of the athletes competing in a tournament fashion trying to dehydrate different fruits into the shape of a ball. The winner is chosen by the results of three rolls down an inclined planes and measuring the total distances traveled.

But I digress. Freddie’s favorite poem was the Lady of Shallot by Lord Alfalfa Tenderloin. He dreamed of rowing the lady down the river toward Camelot while she basked and baked in the sun dehydrating to the slow rhythmic motion of the oars. Freddie loved the poem and wanted to read it for his senior year talent show. His friends said he would be teased mercilessly and begged him to reconsider. On the last day to register for the show, Freddie put his name down.

When Freddie walked out onto the stage he blushed and stood looking out into the auditorium. Seconds seemed like minutes before Freddie uttered the first verse. Almost a hush, almost inaudibly did he begin? At first the audience was unsure for they had never heard anybody recite poetry at the talent contest. By the second stanza Freddie’s voice was clear articulate and loud and the audience was his. They joined in calling out the line “The Lady of Shallot” after ever verse. From this talent contest on, poetry has become an integral part of this high schools annual talent contest.

We at the tool library are pleased to announce Freddie the Food Dehydrator has recently come to the tool library to lend is poetic dehydration talent to the library. His favorite things to dehydrate are shallots, strawberries, and apples. He appreciates the works of Victorian poets and you can win his heart by reciting poetry while he works.