Fruit Gleaning

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  • Reduce waste
  • Provide fresh produce to food banks
  • Beautify the neighborhood

Capitol Hill is home to many fruit trees that are not always fully harvested by their owners. Sustainable Capitol Hill is partnering with these owners to harvest the fruit that would otherwise go to waste, while creating a mess on the sidewalk. This fruit is donated to food banks in the area, to help provide fresh produce for the food insecure.

This program needs both donors, who have trees with fruit they are willing to donate, and volunteers, who go to various donor houses to collect the fruit, to be successful. If you’d like to help, please email fruit [at] sustainablecapitolhill [dot] org and join our Meetup page.  We look forward to meeting you!

For more ways to get involved in fruit gleaning throughout the region, check out City Fruit.

To learn more about edible plants that grow in our neighborhood, check out Nature of Your Neighborhood, a collaboration between Birds Connect Seattle, the Capitol Hill EcoDistrict, and the Seattle Bird Conservation Partnership.