Often people will see bees as pests that will sting their children and call an exterminator, who will spray toxic chemicals everywhere to kill them off. Please don’t let that happen to our pollinators!

If you see a swarm of bees hanging out, on the street, in your yard, or in a tree, check the list below, and if they all apply, please give Shaz a call at , and she’ll be happy to come get them and find a safe new home for them.  As a natural beekeeper who doesn’t use any chemical treatments, these bees will be well taken care of.


1) Are you in the city of Seattle proper?
2) Are the critters honey bees? (If you don’t know, see below.)
3) Is the swarm cluster as big or bigger than a football?
4) Are they accessible via a six-foot ladder? (We have some flexibility on this one.)

Honey Bee:


If what you see looks like this, give us a call.

NOT a Honey Bee:


Also known as a wasp


Also known as a bumble bee