kimchifrom February 2013 meeting

3 heads of napa cabbage
1½ cups of salt
1 gallon of water

2 bulbs garlic
1 cup red pepper powder
1 knob fresh grated ginger
16 oz julienned carrots
½ T fish sauce
3 T sugar
enough water to form paste

Gloves (chili pepper stings bare hands!)
Bucket to soak cabbage
Large Pot to ferment kimchi

1. Mix 1½ cup salt with 1 gallon water.  Soak 3 heads of napa cabbage in resulting brine for at least 1½ hour and up to 8 hours.  Cabbage should be wilted when taken out.
2. Finely chop and mix all sauce ingredients in large pot and massage with gloved hands until a thick paste forms.  There may still be chunks.
3. Rinse brined cabbage well.
4. Chop leaves in half and add to paste in large pot.  Continue massaging, gently breaking the cabbage into smaller pieces as you go, until all of the cabbage is covered.
5. Fill up pot leaving at least 2″ of headroom at top of pot.  Cover with loose fitting lid.
6. Bury pot with at least 2″ of the pot sticking out of the ground. Place a large rock on top of lid, or otherwise cover to keep squirrels from getting to it.  You can also keep this in your refrigerator, but it will definitely make it smell.
7. In 5 weeks, your kimchi will be ready.  Feel free to taste as intermittantly, as the flavor will change.