recyclingThe City of Seattle has one of the most advanced recycling systems in the country. Make sure that you are taking advantage of what our city’s recycling programs have to offer by keeping up-to-date on all program changes and additions!

Seattle Public Utilities: Recycling

Check here for city-specific recycling guidelines and how to sign up for service.

Can I get curbside food scrap recycling?

Of course! If you do not already have a yard/food waste recycling cart at your home, apartment building, or business, you can order one through your hauler. Visit Seattle Public Utilities for details!

What about recycling other items?

What to do with that refrigerator? How about old carpet or other textiles you don’t want to send to the landfill? Try out King County’s “What Do I Do With” website – it is an excellent resource to help you find out where you can take your items.

Items still in good shape?

Donate it to a tool library. Saattle has several tool library’s that can extend the life of your item by loaning them to your neighbors. Or try resources like Craigslist and Freecycle to send your still-usable items to a good home. When listing your items, be sure to note that they are available in Capitol Hill so you can pass them to someone nearby instead of far away!

Beyond these resources, there are several spots on the hill to take your items – check in with your local church or community organization to see if they are interested in your items. If you have clothing that is still in good shape, there are a ton of recycled clothing stores on the hill, some examples are below.

What about my electronic waste?

As of 1 January 2009, Washington households, small businesses, nonprofits, and schools can recycle electronic waste for free!  Free recycling of electronics includes desktop computers, laptop computers, monitors and, most significantly, televisions.  Printers, scanners, and other devices are NOT covered by this program.

Click here for complete information about the program, including recycling locations, from the Washington Department of Ecology.