March 15: We’ve passed several inspections including electrical and plumbing. Today we passed the framing inspection so now we can begin the HVAC rough in, and have some of the insulation blown in.

MLK Work party: Together with over 30 volunteers (mostly obtained from the United Way of King County website) we made great progress organizing our inventory. We now have over 900 items in our inventory system. We also started the framing for the insulation on the west wall. We discovered we don’t have to change the framing on the north wall because it’s already made from wood. We moved the fencing at the bathroom to make way for the wheelchair access.

January 15: The asbestos has been remediated onsite and our internet has arrived.



December: We’re having work parties on every Saturday in December (except for the Saturday after Christmas, which is still tentative). Join the fun and help us build shelves, clear storage areas, and demo sheet rock! We also need help organizing tools and getting things in inventory!

December 5: We signed up for the Amazon Smile program. Start all your amazon shopping from smile.amazon.com and designate us as your charity and we will get a percentage of every purchase. Or just use this link.

December 2: We got our permits! We’re now ready to build out our space. So close to opening!

November 22: We have signage on our roll up door. Look out for our bird while you’re walking down Crawford!

November 21: Our first big work party! We made some great progress on shelving and inventory! Thanks to everyone who came out, and to Serious Pie Pike for the delicious pizza and salad donations to feed our hungry volunteers! The Capitol Hill Seattle Blog was there taking pictures and wrote about it.
And check it out, we’ve got over 3000 tools in our inventory!!

November 10: We’re registered with Microsoft Match! If you’re a Microsoftee, make sure to register your hours and donations!

November 7: The permits are in for a second round. Hopefully they’ll get approved soon and we’ll be able to start out build-out.

October 25: Tool Drive and sneak peek of the space! We had a great time mingling with all the folks who came out to see us. Thanks to the Capitol Hill Times and King 5 for coming out to cover our event!

October 23: We have insurance! One step closer to being open, and all volunteers in our space are completely covered! (But please don’t hurt yourselves, stay safe!)

October 14: We realize we’d been granted 501c3 status earlier, but didn’t get the letter due to a hiccup with mail. Whoops. But the good news is that we can start writing tax deductible slips now!

October 13: Lease is signed, keys in hand. We’re officially in 420 E. Pike St! Now, to move in!

September 18: Park(ing) Day Tool Drive event

August 31: Our get2gether matching grant fundraiser has closed, and we surpassed our goal! Thanks to everyone who donated!

August 19: Permit review has come back with some outstanding issues. Our Design Team is hard at work reworking to make sure our permit will be granted in the next round!

August 12: We met our match! And it’s you! Thank you for your support in getting us fully matched on the get2gether matching grant. But please don’t stop donating, we have more expenses to cover in building our community tool library!

August 6: Our get2gether matching grant fundraiser has launched! Double your donation today!

July 16: We got the Neighborhoods Matching Fund grant for $16,000! Anything donated after June 1 will count towards the match! If you’ve volunteered with us, please log your hours so you can double your sweat equity and we can build the tool library much faster and better!

July 8: The permit for our space has been submitted and accepted for review. Now we wait for the review to finish (up to 3 months)

July 6: SCH / CHTL hosts a sustainability happy hour with Capitol Hill EcoDistrict and Carbon Washington. Member #1 was auctioned off to lucky winner Nash!

July 5-7: Thanks to Jigsaw Renaissance for donating some great tools to CHTL! Your spirit will live on through us and all the other maker spaces and tool libraries around town!

June 27: We have a Square account. We can now accept credit cards in person!

June 22: We’ve applied for our 501c3 status. Now we wait (approximated at 3 months – meaning Sept 22). But if that falls through, we have a fiscal sponsor lined up, so all your donations are still tax deductible, regardless!

June 15: We got the get2gether grant for a $2000 matching fund through IOBY!

June 12: We have a bank account! Give us your money! 😀

June 1: Submitted an application to Parks and Neighborhoods for their Small and Simple grant. Keep your fingers crossed!

May 31: Submitted an application to get2gether for a matching grant of $2000. Go team CHTL!

May 29: We’ve got keys to storage! Bring your donations, all you lovely neighbors!

May 21: We’ve got a new logo! Thanks for all your votes!

May 13: We’ve signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with First Covenant for our space at the Summit Building!

May 6: We have our EIN! Now we are an official business and we can hire an employee for the tool library!!

May 5: Sustainable Capitol Hill, the Tool Library’s parent organization, is an officially incorporated non-profit! We’re one step closer to your donations being tax deductible. Plus, now we can sign legal documents as an organization, instead of as individuals!

April 14: Tabling at Green Drinks. Spread the word, Tool Library is coming to Capitol Hill!

Mar 3: We have a mail key. Send us your fan mail and donations to 420 E. Pike St. c/o Tool Library!

Feb 11: We tour the space, and it looks great! 650sf of workshop space, along with over 700 sf of storage for tools! Huzzuh!

January 16: We have a location! Thanks to the generosity of the First Covenant Church in providing a location, Sustainable Capitol Hill is proud to announce that the Tool Library is planning to open by Fall of this year. It will be located at the Summit Building on 420 E. Pike St., with the entrance on Crawford Pl., between Pike St. and Pine St.