Tool Library Membership

What’s a tool library without members? Sign up today! Anyone over age 18 is welcome to borrow items from the Capitol Hill Tool Library, whether you live in Capitol Hill or anywhere else in the Seattle area. Members are required to fill out our membership application, liability waiver, and borrower’s agreement as well as present an ID to Tool Library staff. Most memberships are good for 12 months and can be renewed at any time.

Sign Up for a Membership

It’s easy to sign up.

1. Create an account online and electronically accept the agreements (member application form/waiver, borrower’s agreement). Alternatively, you can do this in person at the tool library.

2. Come to the Tool Library with ID (something that shows your name like state ID, bill, bank statement, social media acct) to complete your membership. If your name doesn’t match your ID, just explain the situation to staff and we’ll work it out. You will not be able to reserve or checkout items until this step is complete.

3. Make a donation if you are able. Though the Tool Library is free to use and these donations are completely voluntarily, they are also a crucial part of keeping the collection well maintained and the tool library running smoothly. This community resource thrives on the generosity of its users. We recommend the following levels:

  • 3D printer (Heavy user dedicated to making sure we stay around): $250
  • Table and chairs (frequent user dedicated to sustaining us): $100
  • Ice cream maker (regular user): $40
  • Hammer (infrequent user): $20
  • Safety glasses (just testing the waters, maybe I’ll give more later): $5

4. Start borrowing or using the workshop πŸ™‚

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at:
We hope to see you soon!

Contact Info

1552 Crawford Place, Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA 206.420.7005