Our Space

The Capitol Hill Tool Library has ~640sf of workshop space, as well as ~800sf of storage, right in the heart of Capitol Hill. Join us for workshops, fixer nights, or just to borrow a tool.

Tools we have for use in the workshop: Table saw, drill press, compound saw, 3D printer. Of course you can also use any of our inventory tools in the workshop as well, these are just tools that are always on hand to use in the space.

Here’s our original workshop design. We have not implemented it yet, and as people use it more the vision changes.  We’ll be using mobile desks with storage underneath, as well as pegboards to store often used tools. We will have space for user defined tasks (what will you build?!), as well as a wood working station and a bike maintenance station. Workshop Space

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Contact Info

1552 Crawford Place, Seattle, WA 98122